Kim's Story: The Phone Call That Saved Me

kim Kim loved her job at an after-school program for kids. But after her van broke down one too many times, she couldn’t risk driving to work. Then, she called our InfoLine. With the helped of our InfoLine Specialist, Heather, Kim was able to get a new adapted van within her price range — a vehicle she could finally count on to get her to the kids that were counting on her.

I feel very blessed that this happened. It's taken a long time. I started looking for a vehicle years ago because I'd have to phone my boss: "I can't get the door open, the van won't start, the lift won't come down." I'd been stuck at work. I'd been stuck at home. Heather from the InfoLine, I don't know her, but I sort of feel like she's saved me that way. Because other people just say, "Oh sorry, we don't do that. Oh sorry, you don't meet our criteria." I talked to Heather, and I remember her phoning back and saying "I need to help you." And that to me was just... they say, can one person make a difference? Yes, they can. I don't think that SCI BC realizes what a weight's been lifted off.

Paul's Story: How I Finally Climbed a Mountain

Paul sustained a severe quadriplegic spinal cord injury over three decades ago. Last spring, we partnered with CRIS Adaptive Sports to help Paul climb a mountain and see a waterfall for the first time in 35 years. Watch Paul's incredible experience below.

Angela's Story: The Reason I Got My Degree

"The UBC Pharmacy program is academically rigorous and challenging. After acquiring a spinal cord injury halfway through the program, I experienced the added emotional, physical and financial stress of being away from school, work and my friends. Spinal Cord Injury BC’s (SCI BC) peer support and the generous scholarship I received from the BC Paraplegic Foundation helped me maintain both my motivation and my education so that I could concentrate on my classes and exams. I’m now a pharmacy graduate and am looking forward to beginning an exciting career as a pharmacist, and to supporting my patients and peers."

Vicki's Story: Why I Volunteer

quote-in       About a year ago, our son was in a near fatal accident. kangaroo            He broke his neck, he broke his back, he had broken ribs, he had so many internal injuries it was ridiculous.It was a long haul. He was in the hospital for almost three months and went to rehab at a spinal cord injury rehab station in Australia. He can walk now, but we saw some of the things that they did at the rehab centre for people and the things we saw really impressed us. How much research and how much effort was put into people to bring them back so they don’t feel that their life is over. So, because of our son and how lucky we are that he’s ok, we all feel — my husband, my son and I — that it’s just so important to make sure that people who didn’t recover like he did still feel that their lives aren’t over. To let them know they’re worth it. It’s just such an important cause that we want to do whatever we can to help out.